LaserJet Printers vs. Inkjet Printers

When buying a printer, which type should you get?

There two types of printers that are available.  The LaserJet and the Inkjet printer.  Each have their pros and cons and we will be comparing them to help you decide which one is right for you.

Inkjet and LaserJets printers operate differently.  In the case of the Inkjet printer, liquid ink is sprayed from microscopic nozzles on to the paper.  The liquid ink comes in different cartridges of various basic colors that combine to make a range of colors.  LaserJet printers on the other hand do not use ink at all.  They use a powdered ink called toner that is bonded to the paper thru a part called the fuser.

Some advantages of the Inkjet printer is that it produces better color printing for pictures than LaserJets.  Entry level models are relatively inexpensive.  Inkjet printers are also not too big which can be easy to place in a desk or work space.  Some disadvantages are that ink cartridges are expensive. They are also considerably slower than laser printers.

Laser printer advantages are that they can produce high quality black and white prints at high speeds and costs to print per page is lower than inkjet printers.  Laser printers are by far the fastest of the two.  For high volume printing Laser printers are the way to go.  Some disadvantages are printing color pictures and images are not as good as using an Inkjet printer.

It really comes down to what will you be using your printer for that will help you answer which printer is better for you.

Good questions to ask yourself when choosing a printer.

How much printing will you be doing?
What kind of quality do you need?
How long do you want to wait between sending a print job and the printer actually printing it?
Whats your budget for ongoing costs such as ink cartridges, parts and maintenance?